Holidays and Leisure – Primary Spanish Copiable Workbook Pack (Level 1)



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Illustrated, fun, engaging – the Spanish copiable workbook bursts with activities for children in the 7+ age range. Whether you are a busy parent, teacher, or home educator, this resource will really help you get your children moving along with their Spanish.

Graded Objectives plot progression and include:

1 Name some leisure activities;
2 Describe our leisure activities;
3 Say what others do for leisure;
4 Name the days of the week;
5 Write about upcoming activities;
6 Ask and answer questions about activities.

Workbook worksheets contain:

• Three differentiated tasks, one for each learning objective;
• Word banks which help children read and write Spanish phrases and sentences;
• Varied activities so as to ensure your pupils remain engaged with their learning;
• A smiley face evaluative sheet which enables your children to give feedback and let you know how they are getting along.
• Two pdf copies of the workbook: one for UK and one for US users, mean that you can select the spelling version that is right for you.

The Workbook Activity Power Point Show, comprises:
• An interactive listening activity with native speaker sound files. It goes with your workbook so your children can record their understanding.

The Workbook Answer Guide gives great support, and helps you get started on your teaching. It includes:

• An clear Spanish/English vocabulary which includes all the words and phrases used in the workbook;
• Easy to understand grammar notes, so you can answer children’s questions;
• Workbook answers for ease of marking.

Finally, our native editors proofread all our language materials, making our resources a trustworthy source for your learning environment.

Why not also buy the accompanying Single User Level 1 Spanish, Holidays and Leisure Unit, with a PowerPoint Show for every objective in the workbook. It has even more fun interactive activities, native speaker sound files, a song, and step by step practical lesson plans?

Buy and download immediately.

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