About Ourselves – Level 1 Spanish Workbook


LEVEL 1 ABOUT OURSELVES SPANISH COPIABLE WORKBOOK: Greetings; Descriptions; Name, Nos 1-12; Age; Colours/colors.

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An illustrated, black and white, primary/elementary Spanish six worksheet copiable workbook designed to accompany the Level 1, Single User Licence of the About Ourselves Unit No. 1, (available separately) with 3 differentiated tasks. Age Range: (7-12). (UK Years 3-6: KS2) (US Grades 2-6) Worksheet Objectives include: 1. To introduce ourselves; 2. To describe ourselves; 3.To say how you are; 4.(UK version) To say your favourite colour; 4. (US version) To say your favorite color; 5.To say your age up to 12; 6.To ask questions; 7. To give personal information . There is an additional “smiley face” pupil self-evaluation sheet. It is supplied in two A4 single sheet pdfs one for UK users and one for US users.
(ii) A Workbook Activity Power Point Show with 3 extracted activities from the Level 1, Single User About Ourselves Unit No. 1 (30 teaching slides packed with activities, song, raps, together with supporting native speaker sound files).
(iii) A complete Pupil Workbook Answer Guide, with a plain speak Spanish/English vocabulary, grammar, workbook answers and transcripts for the two listening activities Copiable Pupil Workbook.
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